ACUPUNCTURE IN CANCER PAIN by Prof Koosnadi Saputra MD, PhD Rad, Academy Acupuncture of Surabaya



Suffering from pain and involuntary weight loss are well known complication of cancer and patophysiology was that a competition between host tissue and growing tumor, factor and mechanisms that being thought to play major role were the precence of increased local and systemic inflamatory state, increasing cell cycle activity to stimulate nociceptive  nerve fibers and the circulation of tumor derived proteolytic and lipolytic factor.

Acupuncture for cancer covered pain, immunostimulator, haemorheology, normalized organ function and blood changes. The study of acupuncture to pain relieve in cancer patiens, plays its analgesic role via activating the endogenous  pain modulating system, it can produces and abolishment of cancer induced pain.
Additionally acupuncture stimulation at certain points ST 36, LI4, P6, Ki3, Sp6 adjusts other effect on immunoregulation, causing various level of CNS hypothalamus and pituitary glands response, decreasing plasma leptin, serotonin, corticotrophin releasing factor and increasing apetite regulation.
Some acupuncture points (ST36, LI4) have immunomodulatory effect on interleukin (TH1 and TH2) to facilitate to immunological balance. 

The acupuncture technique treating patiens with cancer, act as a complement therapy in order to relieve pain and to promote the immunological balance

Library sources by
Saputra Koosnadi, Maat Suprapto, Soedoko Roem, from the book TERAPI BIOLOGI UNTUK KANKER (Biological Therapy for Cancer), Wisnuwhardhana Cancer Society - Airlangga University Press-Surabaya 2000