Pendekatan Integratif Ilmu Akupunktur & Medis - by Prof. Dr. dr. Koosnadi Saputra



Integrated Approach in Acupuncture and Medical Science


Koosnadi Saputra

Health Services Research & Development Centre – 

Surabaya - Indonesia



The act of puncturing the skin an acupuncture needle stimulates an injury and thereby elicits the local and systemic cascade of regulatory, restorative, repair and regenerative processes associated with wound healing.  Acupuncture needle produces an effect related to that produced when one gets a splinter in the skin ; the skin surface is not uniform and certain area are more sensitive to stimuli activates cellular response.


An observational study on volunteers and animal laboratory by nuclear medicine technology, biophysical measurement and bio molecular approach were performed the specific model signal transduction of acupuncture points and correlation to organ function.

This basic science research phenomenon could explain the existence of acupuncture points and gating of energetic processes in the body, because of the emphasis on genetic, anatomy and physiology research has been only partial successful.


The existence of acupuncture points as a gate of energy can observed by modern science contains correlation and information to organs system, activity and unbalancing energy flows in meridian system for this reason that diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to support modern medicine.

Acupuncture is a great achievement in the field on integrated traditional and western medicine and the study of acupuncture to treating clinical problem, play its analgesic, immunotherapy, improve the cardinal function of the body.


Integrated approach to acupuncture phenomenon is very important to develop  acupuncture technique and support new medical technology in the future.