Terapi Komplementer pada Pasien Penyintas Kanker -by Prof. Dr. dr. Koosnadi Saputra



Indonesian Complementary Cancer Therapy


Koosnadi  Saputra

Centre of Research and Development of System and Health Policy-

Department of Health of Republic Indonesia

Wisnuwardhana Cancer Foundation

Surabaya - Indonesia


Background : Complementary treatment for cancer have been used for many years, and become popular since 1991. It is pioneered by Wisnuwardhana Cancer Foundation (YKW) Surabaya after 8 years this method can be accepted by the formal health services caused by economical crisis in Indonesia.


Methods : There are many ways of complementary and alternative cancer treatment in Indonesia includes herbal, acupuncture, acupressure, physical activity, psychic and spiritual healing.

Biological therapy for cancer, is a safe, beneficial, logic in medical science, easy to use and based on deep scientific research. This biological therapy use to inhibit growth of cancer.


The scientific research has been done inter department, university and cancer hospital in Indonesia : 

  1. The research acupuncture to inhibit cancer cachexia;
  2. Indonesian inner power body work increasing humoral and cellular antibodies in cancer patients.
  3. Natural compound : shark cartilage protein extract, thymus extract, flower and remedies, mushroom extract and Indonesian herbal as cancer treatment model.


Before treatment, if the patient condition physically and mentally have the ability to discuss about the disease, they can choose whether modern complementary or alternative treatment, then they sign informed concent.

Results : Choises in alternative method and conventional medicines still insist on objective on fairly information from doctor to cancer patient.